Count Your Blessings

It's been ONE OF THOSE YEARS thus far. I suddenly found myself a single Mama when my ex-husband decided to leave us in February. Over the months between February and May, when my divorce became final, it was a challenge to stay positive with SO many changes being thrown at the kids and I. But when June arrived, I NEEDED to make a change, a MIND-SET change. 

My wonderfully supportive single mom AND homeschooler friend Raylene told me to  "think of how amazing things could be now" and suggested I "count [my] blessings" each and every day. I've seen these lists before, but never thought to make one of my own, but it makes perfect sense for the rest of 2013, a way to focus on what TRULY MATTERS.

Many Thankfuls

1. Snuggles with an 8-year-old before starting my day
2. Creativity to reorganize the house to be more functional with ONLY what we already have
3. Fresh eggs daily
4. A working computer with WiFi
5. A tall, strong son willing to reach high places and carry heavy loads
6. My friend Stephanie and our many texts supporting each other through divorce and single parenting
7. Sleeping in, just a little, with the kitty sleeping at my feet
8. Fleece blankets on chilly nights
9. A daughter who is musical when I'm not
10. Ice cream cones 
11. A good book to lose myself in
12. Netflix
13. A running vehicle and AAA (to pop the door open when I lock the keys in, again)
14. A sink emptied of dirty dishes
15. A garden full of growing veggies
16. Soaking rain that waters the garden for me
17. My walking companion Rosie
18. A calender to keep me on time (mostly)
19. A proactive doctor who answers all my questions
20. Shady trees on hot, humid summer days
21. Family and friends that lend a helping hand
22. A working washing machine
23. Slip-on shoes
24. My friend R__ for giggles and uplifting talks
25. An enthusiastic Critter Sitter who doesn't mind scooping hen poo
26. Multiple electronic chargers...because one would never ever be enough
27. Chirping crickets INSIDE the house - just like camping
28. A new friend who TRULY understands all that I am going through
29. Chocolate
30. Pumpkins for muffins, roasted seeds and New England Pumpkin Pie
31. A DSLR camera with different lenses and enough CFs to hold 1000s of photos
32. Reality TV
33. A homeschool friend to explore the state with our kids (and she drives!)

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