Free Resources

ABCya - Spelling, Math, Grammar, Puzzles (Gr K-5)
Handwriting Workbooks - Zaner-Bloser/N'Nealian 10 page subject books (Gr 1-4)
Glencoe Literature Library - Literature Studies, Author Info, Comprehension Questions, Vocabulary Building (Gr 5+)
Daily Grammar - Short Grammar Lessons (Gr 5+)
Literature Notes - Cliff Notes Website, Literature Studies (Gr 6+)

Mathematics Enhancement Programme - Complete Lessons/Worksheets (Gr K-6)
Math's Fun - Skill Builders (Gr K+)
Xtra Math - Fact Practice (Gr 2+)

Mr. Q Life Science (Gr K-3)
Prentice Hall Life, Physical and Earth Science - Textbook Extras (Gr 6-8)
Chemistry (Gr 8+)

US History and Government - (Gr 4+)
Multi-Media US History - Eras, Photos, Music, Quizzes (Gr 6+)
American Journey - US History with Book, Note-taking Guide and Workbook (Gr 7-8)
NROC Math and History Courses - US History/Government, Math, Biology, Physics, College Prep (Gr 9+)
World and Historical Maps - Outline or Labelled (All)
MegaMaps - Small or LARGE Maps (All)

American Sign Language - 3 Classes, Workbooks, On-line (Gr 4+)
Piano Lessons 4 Kids - Video Lessons (Gr 1+)
Duolingo - Foreign Language (Gr 4+)

Khan Academy - Variety (Elementary/Middle/High)
MIT Courses - Variety (College)
Coursera - Variety (College)

Printable Paper (Paper, Graphs)

Note: Each FREE resource is clickable, even if it doesn't look like it. :wink: And if you find that a link doesn't work, please leave a comment and I'll relink it. Thanks!

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